How we can help

We offer the following options. Please feel free to contact us however to discuss your individual needs.

Please open the options below.


We can provide hourly tuition to suit your needs. This can range from complete beginner lessons, refresher sessions (great at the start of the season) to more advanced tuition e.g. single handed Spey casting.

This is a fantastic way to enjoy a fully supported morning, afternoon or full days fishing at a river or fishery. You will have plenty of time to learn new skills or techniques at your own pace. Please note that you will be required to buy a fishing permit in addition to the cost of your tuition. 

Betterflycasting is delighted to offer the following packages which will provide a structured path to help your progress your fly fishing journey:

Beginner to Intermediate – a range of 6 sessions which allow you to really progress your fly casting or fishing techniques. One example would be to learn an overhead cast, roll cast and jump roll cast and know when to use them.

Please note in order to gain the maximum benefit from your course it is recommended that practice by yourself between sessions. The great news is that we will give you practice activities that will allow you to progress between your lessons.

Intermediate to Advanced Fly Caster – a range of 6 sessions designed to progress you to an advanced fly caster. These will be tailored to your own needs however examples may be learning to double haul for distance, add single handed Spey Casting to your range of skills or get to know sunken line techniques. 

Again, it is highly recommended that you practice between sessions in order to progress as quickly as possible.